Remy Mortaz, the Coolest Cat in Los Gatos

Remy Mortaz, the Coolest Cat in Los Gatos

Today was the 3rd time that a leading Asset Management company sent us to our REO listing to confirm that Trash Service! And like the previous 2 times, there is NO trace of any work being done! And since there is no one accountable in the food chain, these delays and costs are adding up!

We can’t blame the Asset Management company who can NOT do anything since the task has been assigned to the pre-selected, pre-approved vendor by the bank.   And they are also NOT allowed to approve a new vendor to do this task since they fear the bank will NOT reimburse the charges.

So, this is a pure case of a the Tail Wagging the dog since if this was up to us we would have sold this property more than 3 weeks ago since the trash out would have been done in 2 days.

But perhaps we have no one but ourselves to blame to allow the Banks and Asset Management companies to completely reduce us to gophers!

This is akin to what the HMO companies have done to the delivery of the Health Care where the doctors and medical professional are hostage to the insurance companies and their middle men!

If you would like any help with your dysfunctional relationship with your bank or don’t want to talk to them anymore, give us a call.

We speak their language.


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