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New Message From Homestretch Properties – Get in Touch

Hello! Could I write an article for you? The article will essentially be a pre-move checklist that provides your site visitors with a framework for thinking through an upcoming career-related relocation. The checklist will allow the reader to relocate for a job with...

Top 3 ways to screen offers on your FSBO

We are meeting more and more folks who are interested in selling their homes and moving to a less congested areas of California or other States.   And with the 6% full commission charged by most established Agencies, some Home Sellers are tempted to explore listing...

Electric Chevrolet Bolt to go 238 miles on a charge

Taking the Chevy Bolt out for a spin General Motors' all-electric Chevrolet Bolt compact car will be able to go 238 miles on a single charge, the automaker announced Tuesday. That's enough to drive from New York City to Washington DC or nearly enough to make a round...

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