Do you manage your own rentals in Silicon Valley?  Do you plan to do your own screening ?  Is that a wise move?  If you have decided to screen your own tenant; need to educate yourself about the guidelines on what is considered housing discrimination by Federal, State and local agencies who can challenge your selection of your tenants if one files a complaint against you.

Department of Fair Housing is an agency of HUD which defines the guidelines on housing discrimination.  These guidelines are intended to educate the homeowners avoid discriminating against potential tenants.    These guidelines restrict land lords from discriminating tenants based on Sex, Color, Race, Religion, Familial Status and National Origin.

To avoid violating any of these guidelines we have listed some of the most effective questions to ask your tenants during your interview.  These questions are:

    Does he/she earn what they say they do?Are there any areas that need clarification?


    How is their overall credit rating?
    Any bad checks?
    Previous evictions?
    What did the previous landlord say about the applicant?
    Do they have any judgments or collection items on their credit report?
    As you can gather even the simple task of tenant screening could create challenges for your plans to make money from your rentals.    That’s why we have programs to help Silicon Valley rental property owner who do not want to deal with tenant screening or other challenges of rental property management.
    If you need a property Manager for your rentals in Silicon Valley we have pre-screened tenants ready to occupy.  We can send a in case you are not charging enough rent.


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