Property Inspections

Property Inspections

So you are considering selling your home and someone has suggested paying for inspections before listing your home on your own dime.  Should you do it?  Is it worth it?

Well it depends.  Just imagine that you have found a strong buyer who has purchased your home with a condition on the results of the inspections.    And since you are not expecting any surprises, you are packing and ready to move out.  Then comes the shock that your buyer is not happy with the findings of the inspections and wants to cancel the purchase contract.

Now imagine that you could have ordered home inspections and provided these report to this and any other potential buyers.  One popular way is to consider the power of pre-inspections. An inspection simply means you have your home inspected before you receive an offer from a buyer.  Having inspections completed prior to your sale will be able to give you a competitive advantage that your home’s defects are all discovered and the risks.  Also completing these inspections will provide your buyers the opportunity to price the repairs into their purchase offer and make informed decision about your home which will reduce the odds of cancellations.

There are a wide range of inspections that can be performed your home, but  below are the Top 5 inspections that we can recommend for you prior to selling your home.  They include:

1) General Home Inspections –  This is a through inspection including the foundation, roof along with heating and cooling systems.  These inspection should produce detailed reports on all of the systems of the home including photos of heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical.  If your inspector is a general contractor, you could ask them to include repair costs of any damage they have noted in their inspection reports.

2) Pest & Termite Inspection –  Most California home suffer from active and inactive wood destroying organisms such as ants and termites. In addition this inspection should identify such as dry rot and water leaks that could cause mold or other issues.

3) Roof inspections – A new roof is one of the costly repairs for a home.   A roof inspection will evaluate the current condition of the roof and identify any possible leaks and flashing, gutters and downspout that could be costing your buyers a lot of money to repair.

4) Foundation inspections – Foundation inspection will identify any cracks in the cement pillars that could be the results of fractures.    Homes in California are specially vulnerable to foundation cracks due to frequent earth quakes.

5) Pool inspections –  Pool leaks are some of the costliest and urgent repairs needed to protect your home.   Leaking water often can penetrate the foundation and lead to mold and damage the foundation pillars.  A pool inspection will include the pool itself,  deck, pool liner, lighting, heating and pump systems, and filtration systems.

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