Chickens as Los Gatos tenants

Chickens as Los Gatos tenants

How often do you inspect your rental properties ?  Do you have a budget for deferred maintenance?

We recently discovered that one of the properties we mange for a client has violated their rental property lease agreement and is keeping Chickens on this Los Gatos rental property!

We discovered these Chickens during our routine inspections of the property.   This highlights the need for routine inspections of your rental properties.   And here are Top 4 reasons why you should inspect your Silicon Valley rental properties:

1) Unauthorized Pets:   A while ago, there was a news report that a large Python Snake had  escaped a rental property and was found in the neighbors bath tub!  Needless to say, the owners of the property could be liable for these kind of risks.  So, you need to inspect your Silicon Valley rentals or hire a property manager to do it for you to avoid these kinds of risks.

2) Sub-lease:  If you have done a good job of tenant screening; the odds of finding un-authorized occupants are slim but we have seen it happen specially during tough economic times where your tenants might sub-lease rooms to other occupants to help them with the rent payments.

3) Drug Labs:  It’s not uncommon to hear news about drug busts where the home has been used as a meth or drug lab.   These kind of activities are dangerous since the occupants use toxic chemicals in manufacturing of these drugs.

4) Damages:  If the tenants are not keeping your Silicon Valley rental clean and are damaging the property, you would be better off finding out sooner than later before the damages far exceed the security deposit you have collected from the tenants.

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