Are you paying for Cable TV in you Silicon Valley rentals?  Do you even know if your tenants use the Cable signal?  Well, we recently revised some of our rental agreements where our clients were paying for Cable TV subscription every month.   The catalyst for this change was the ever rising cost of Cable TV subscription vs the utility it is offering.  Even in our Los Gatos house, the family only watches NetFlix or other streamed content.  We are relying less and less on TV program to justify spending more $200 per month for Cable TV subscription.

As we discovered with this video, we have some more technology options with TIVO and Roku which can offer good alternatives to Cable TV at much lower costs.

Granted the transition away from Cable is not going to be simple for most of us, but the fact remains is that our consumption of broadcast TV has changed drastically and we no longer want to watch TV programs when they are being aired.   We also don’t want to watch the TV content with the nasty ads that make these programs unbearable to watch on broadcast TV.

One of the options is the new partnership of Roku with 2 TV brands called TCL and Hisense.  The partnership allows you to use the Wifi signal to use the Roku remote to watch the channels that is streamed to your Roku device.

The 2nd alternative sighted in this NY Times review is TIVO Roamio OTA

So, we will continue to watch for new technology to help us save money for our clients who want to create a unique experience for tenants in their buildings. After all, any cost savings we can manage for our clients directly impacts our client’s ROI for their Silicon Valley rentals.

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