It was bound to happy where iPhone use would be expanded to home appliances including your front door lock.  After all, we are using our phones to shop, bank and store critical information.  So, why not use it as a door lock?

Well, below is a neat review of Smart Door Locks or phone-controlled electronic deadbolts by Geoffrey A Fowler of WallStreet Journal of some of the latest Smart Locks available on the market that work with your iPhone.

In terms of utility, we believe these locks have potential in property management if you are managing a large apartment complex with 50 or more units.  After all, just imagine the ease with which you can send access information to all the plumbers and other service technicians to enter a property during a certain period.   But this also requires your plumber to have a Smart Phone as well.

Some of the unique features of these lock is that they are using BlueTooth, so the odds of a hacker being able to open your door for a thief using Wifi is non-existent in the case of

Like many early adopters, these technologies still leave some thing to be desired.   For instance, what is your iPhone battery is dead or for that matter it’s lost.   You will need to find another iPhone to down load the app and disable the version installed on your iPhone.  Some of these options have a actual key which can be used as an emergency but if you are eventually going to need a key, why would you want to spend $80-200 for a Smart Lock?

What do you think?  Will you install smart electronic deadbolts on your Silicon Valley rentals?   Also, if you like what you are reading subscribe to this blog.