Property Inspections

Property Inspections

Do you have rental properties in San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell or Saratoga?  Do you inspect these rental properties on a regular basis?   Well, here’s one reason why regular inspections should be part of your property management regiments.

A few years ago we rented a nice Los Gatos home for our client to a family who wanted to send their kids to Los Gatos High School.  As part of our regular inspection, we notified the tenants that we plan to inspect the home and report the condition of the property to our clients.

To our surprise we discover that the tenants were keeping livestock on the property despite agreeing to a pet clause which allowed them to only keep one dog on the property. The backyard was full of chicken droppings not the mention the noise that these chickens were making during early morning hours.   The damage to the back yard grounds were also noted as part of our inspection.

We had to choice but to notify the tenants that they were in violation of their lease agreement and gave them 60 days to cure the violation.  We had the option to terminate the lease if the violation was not cured, but we opted not to terminate the lease and instead made recommendation to our client not to renew the lease agreement at the end of the year.

Needless to say that if it was not for routine inspection the lease violation would have gone on unnoticed and the damage to the property would have continued.