Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Are you looking to manage your own rental properties? Are you looking for rental property management software? An iPad App called Happy Inspector might help you manage your properties with ease.

Developed by Happy Inspector Inc, based in Australia with offices in San Francisco comes is a Cloud based software which is priced at $50-$150 per month depending on the features you choose.This app offers:

Inspection Generator:  This feature offers property managers the ability to generate inspection sheets for each room in a property. The app offers the property manager to quickly assess the each room’s condition and identify repair needs that can be communicated to the maintenance team.   One good option is the ability to incorporate photos with each inspection to avoid any confusion about the repair requirements.

Inspection Generator also simplifies the task of communication with the property owners as well since the reports can be easily forwarded to them for decisions on repairs and cots. Generator also offers tabs for Move In/Out Reports and Periodic Report Settings that should be a delight to property owners.

Property Review:  This feature allows Property Managers to input Owner, Agent, and Tenant information into the application which is god send for managers who are dealing with multiple properties in the same complex. Finally, the app has a Reminder section for future inspections that can be exported to property managers calendar application.  

The FREE version of the app which was available in 2013 has now been replaced with a $50 per month for one user.  The Pro Version is priced much higher at $60-150 per month.

What property management software are you using?  Can you share your experience?  We would love to hear from you.


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