Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos, California

Do you own an older home in Los Gatos?  Does this home need a quick make-over?  Is the small kitchen and bathrooms need serious remodel and updates?   Well, you are not alone. Most owners of older homes face this dilemma about remodeling their kitchen or bathroom to fetch higher price for their homes.  The challenge in most cases is to choose the right after-repair-value of your home before you start your small kitchen remodel.   A quick visit to your local Home Depot might give you some ideas on price but it might not provide you with all the answers.   In fact, selecting the right material and finish for your small kitchen remodel is critical in creating the right impression for your buyers.    In fact, in the recent market survey of buyers that we published, most home buyers are now looking for movein-ready homes.   Depending on the budget and the amount of time you have allocated for this remodel, you might want to consider the following projects for your small kitchen remodel:
  • Countertop
  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Flooring
Countertops:  Granite which has been an obvious choice for most of the small kitchen remodel is no longer in vogue and appears dated.   Despite the cheap prices staring at $250 dollars per 9×5 slabs; Granite might not the right choice depending on the kind of buyers you are targeting.   New countertop materials including Quartz might be better options for Countertop. Cabinets:  Just like the story of Granite, Red Cherry cabinets will give your kitchen a dated look.  You might want to consider lighter netural colors.   One option to consider is IKEA kitchen where you could save money on the assembly yourself.   And with the savings, you could hire someone to professionally install these small kitchen cabinets for you. Appliances:  You can spend anywhere from $1,500-$10,000 on your small kitchen remodel’s appliances.  But buying high-end brands does not guarantee success with appliances.  In one of our Los Gatos kitchen remodel we installed Viking-D3 appliances and we have severely disappointed at the brand.   Since you plan to sell your Los Gatos home after this remodel, you will be better off to select a well-priced stainless steel appliances group and save your budget for other projects. Kitchen Lighting:  The easiest and simplest way to update the look of your small kitchen is to install recessed LED lights.  The prices of these LED lights have been decling and there are deals both at Costco and Home Depot these days where you could pickup a complete kit for less than $30 dollars.  Also consider installing dimmer switches and replace your old style plugs. Flooring:  If you have old hardwood flooring which can just use a simple sand and p0lish, this could be your cheapest option.   If not, there are plenty of man-made materials available on the market with very nice finishes that are easy to install. While it’s hard to spend a lot of money on a home that you will not occupy, you have to keep in mind that the finishes you choose for your small kitchen remodel will create a strong impression on your buyers. Contact Us if you need more information about your small kitchen remodel.