Home's Worth

Home’s Worth

So you have finally went through the tough task of selecting an agent to list your home and it’s been posted on MLS.   Your agent is also working the marketing plan he/she had developed for you with open house and broker tours.

But did you bother to review the multiple listing information for accuracy? Well, frequently the multiple listing service has typos and errors regarding homes for sale.   We often wonder if sellers bother with comments, description and photographs associated with their home on the market.   Keep in mind the information on the multiple listing is what creates the 1st impression of your home and if your agent has posted out-of-focus grainy photos using his cell phone that might turn away some potential buyers who might get the wrong impression about the condition of the house.

When we post your MLS information we always ask our client to double check the information for accuracy, specially since they know the property better than anyone else.

 For instance if the home is using “propane” for heat, selecting “gas heat” is a misrepresentation that could potentially cause problems when the buyers discover it during final walk through.  Sames goes with fire places specially in Los Gatos Mountains where home owners use fire wood to heat their home.

Even our most diligent agents notes can sometimes miss a detail.  Accurate information about the listing serves two purposes.  One is to make sure all the home features are disclosed and the other it to prevent any confusion about what the home offers.  After all, buyers are making decisions about the cost of operating the home they are considering to buy.

So we advise our home sellers to always ask for MLS printout on your property.  In fact, we provide the Full Agent version which contains private remarks from us as well.