Free property management quote

Free property management quote

Do you dread dealing with repairs on your Silicon Valley rental properties?  Do you hate getting calls on weekends from your tenants?   time and money on rental repairs?

Well, then you might be interested in the some of the property management services we offer at Homestretch Properties.  These services include:

1) Repair Services:   We have contractors  of all trades including electrical, plumbing. landscaping and handyman for both small and large repairs to help our client’s Silicon Valley rentals.  A unique feature of our services is that if your repair bids re below $500, we don’t charge any management fee above and beyond our usual low monthly fee.   If the repair estimates are above $500, then we will charge a percentage to help us coordinate access and implementation of these repairs with the tenants and supervisor the repairs.  The fee also covers code enforcement work if we have to file for permits from the city where your property is located.

1) Tenant Screening: Since we want to protect you on  possible challenges on privacy and identify theft of your future tenants .  That’s why we don’t take any changes with tenant screening and we direct the tenant applications to our Cloud based service where each applicant fills out a unique application online.   This removes any possible risk for you and us as your property managers since we don’t see these applicants social security or private banking information.  With an average of 10 applicants for each property, you will need to have documented privacy policy and offer these applicants the option to have their application returned to them if they ask.

So, contact us if you want a free quote for your Silicon Valley rental.