Fashion Furniture Rentals

Fashion Furniture Rentals

Are you selling your own home?  Are you tempted to stage your home?  Well, you now have more options than trust hiring a staging company .

In fact, in 2009 we were retained to market a Los Gatos bank-owned (REO) property for sale.   We managed to stage this home using a local staging company called Panacea Staging after spending 70,000 on remodeling this luxury home.  That cost of staging this 3,300 sqft home was about $1,000 per month.

Today we discovered a new service from Fashion Furniture Rentals.  This is a southern California company which recently announced their expansion to northern California. The company offers quick options to choose between two staging packages which they are:

1) Complete Home Package:

  • Living Room:  Sofa, Chair, Coffee Table, End Table & Lamp
  • Dining Room: Dining Table and Four Dining Chairs
  • Bedroom: Queen Bed Set with Headboard, Dresser with Mirror, Nightstand & Lamp
  • Housewares Package: A comprehensive collection of linens and household items necessary for any temporary living situation.
  • Electronics Package: TV, & Stand Included
  • Artwork Pack: 3 Pieces of Coordinated Wall Art.

 2) Basic Furniture Package: The option includes:

  • Living Room: Sofa, Chair, Cocktail Table, End Table & Lamp
  • Dining Room: Dining Table and 4 Dining Chairs
  • Bedroom: Queen Headboard and Frame, Queen Standard Mattress and Foundation, Dresser with Mirror, Nightstand & Bedside Lamp.

We priced a Complete Home quickly and selected Bailey Living Room collection which resulted in the following prices:

  • 3 Month Rate: 928.55 / month
  • 6 month Rate: 802.19 / month
  • 12 month Rate: 753.31 / month

Before we can recommend this service we would advise you to get references from local families who have used their service.   Also, make certain the furniture is covered with their insurance policy for theft.  Yes, I said theft since our Los Gatos luxury home which was staged with high-end furniture was robbed and they took some of the nicest pieces over night.