Are you interested in building a Silicon Valley home?  Have you developed plans for a luxury home ?  If the answer is yes, then you are reading to screen the right builder to make your Silicon Valley luxury home a reality.

One effective option it to ask for recommendations from the home owners are building nearby.   But even if you get recommendations from your friends and other home owners, you need to approach the screening process systematically.   That’s why we recommend the following 5 criteria for selecting your Silicon Valley home builder:

References; Check references and courthouse records with a fine-tooth comb. You might be surprised to discover that the builder that you are interested in using is leaving clients with a lot more than a remodeled homes!   Some builders will leave Mechanics Liens as well.  These liens typically arise from cases where the builder is not making payments to his sub-contractors.  Sub-contractors in these cases have no choice, but to place liens on your property.

Cost Overruns: Align your expectations of quality and workmanship with your the builder you are selecting. You might have one type of high-end Flooring, Finish, Kitchen appliances in mind; while your contractor has only bid for basic items.  To avoid this kind of surprise, we recommend you visit a prospective builder’s recent projects and document everything. From bathroom and kitchen fixtures to tile, lightning and trim, don’t leave anything to chance.

License Check: Another way to avoid a nightmare remodel is to check the status of your builder’s license. Check for violations that might have been reported. A builder typically assigns the actual work to his sub-contractor. But he/she is still responsible for final delivery, even if his sub-contractors do not perform as expected.

Background Check: The final piece of screening your Silicon Valley builder is to order a background check.  The background check should include Criminal and Credit Check to make sure he’s on sound financial footing and will be in a position to complete your project on time.  Some builder use funds from new projects to finish old jobs. This means that, unless he/she is able to acquire new clients, your project would not be completed. .

Bottom line is don’t rush into an agreement without doing your due diligence on your builder.    You will be sorry if you did.