Are you looking for qualified tenants for your Los Gatos home !?  Are you searching for good tenants?!  We have qualified and reliable tenants for your Los Gatos home. Our ideal rentals that would fetch the highest rental income are:

  • Size:   1,500 square feet or more in size.   Lager size homes will fetch higher prices.
  • School District:  Homes that are located in Los Gatos Unified School district fetch the highest rents.
  • Bedrooms:  Ideal rental homes require at least 3 bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms:  Minimum of 2 bedrooms are required by most families.
  • Fenced Yard:  Most families with small kids require the safety of fenced yard that will provide a safe area for the kids to play.

integral part of find the right tenant is asking for the right amount of rent.  Pricing your property’s rent is a combination of Art and Science.  There are good tools out there such as RentoMeter that will help you identify similar size properties that are within 2 mile radius of your subject property.

However, technology does not answer all the challenges related to pricing your rental property correctly since solutions like RentoMeter do not account for the finish and functional utility of the property.

That’s why you will need the services of a Property Management company to help you define the best strategy to price your rental for you.    Feel free to Contact Us if you want us to price your Rental property for you.

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