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Is it possible to sell your San Jose home in 2 weeks to avoid a foreclosure!?  The answer is yes, but it requires a well calculated and well planned strategy.

The strategy has to include marketing to cash buyers  and meet their expectations.  Cash buyers can typically close escrow within 10-14 days.  

1) Pre-Sale Inspections:   Since we want to sell your house in shortest possible time, we need to order a home inspection which in most markets is a $350 investment.  This will make your home much more marketable and will alleviate the  anxiety some buyers might have about purchasing your San Jose home without an inspection.

2) Pricing:  Most critical is the pricing of your home since you are trying to close escrow in 2 weeks. If your home is over-priced you would kill any chance of a quick close.  We would advise pricing your home a bit under the local market average to generate more interest.

3) No Contingencies:   You should market the property to buyers who would be willing to write AS-IS offers.  Given the fact that you are providing an inspection reports, your buyers should be able to write offers with no contingencies.

4) Proof of Funds:  Ask for liquid proof of funds from any buyer whose offer you are willing to consider.  Recent bank statements or stock trading account where the money can be available in 3-5 days are ideal as Proof of Funds.   Make certain the funds are in the name of the buyer whose name appears on the purchase contract.

Finally, make certain your agent has  assembled a professional team including Title and Escrow officer who can indeed process your transaction quickly and close it on time per your request.       

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