We fell in love with Elizabeth Warren when she was nominated to chair the Congressional Hearings of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and even then she was the only voice of reason asking then Secretary of Treasury why they gave the US banks a blank check with no strings attached to it.   She was comparing the condition placed on UK banks where they were given 24 months to get the money to main street as loans to help their economy recover while US banker used the money as they damn well pleased.

She was also critical of banks unwillingness to help home owners who had an underwater mortgage.  She was also critical of banks cooking the books with help from the US Treasury to survive the checks on their balance sheets.

And here she’s doing the same again asking real simple questions where no one seems to have an answer.    What’s remarkable is her tireless energy and hope for the possibility of change where our collective voices can defeat the big money influence of politics.

But the signs are not good.  Even after she championed the now famous Consumer Federal Protection Bureau, the special interest groups have made sure the organization has no teeth and can not issue subpoenas.

What challenge will Senator Warren will face next?  Is there higher office in the cards for her?   We certainly hope so.   What about you?  What do you think?