Short Sale Benefits

Short Sale Benefits

Do you have Wells Fargo loan on your home!?  Was this loan originated by Wachovia bank ?!  You might be in serious luck since Wells Fargo who owns Wachovia wants to get ride of these bad loans and are offering upto $30,000 for your San Jose Short Sale.

But given the fact Wells Fargo is offering much larger cash incentives,  we are advising our clients to decline HAFA Short Sale option.

As a home owner you will need to sign a handwritten letter that you are declining the HAFA Short Sale in order to participate in the cash incentive from Wells Fargo.  Also, you need to make certain that you loan has not sold to a 3rd party investor and is still owned and serviced by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  We can help you complete this by a 3rd party Authorization form which will allow us to contact the Wells Fargo bank on your behalf.   This information is critical to confirm the availability of these incentives.

So, for the love of god, open your mail from Wells Fargo since there might be an early Christmas present from them to help you get ride of your underwater mortgage.  These incentive letters have expiration dates which is requires the home owners to contact the Wells Fargo if they are interested in taking advantage of these incentives for their San Jose Short Sale.

Even if have completed your bankruptcy you might still be eligible to receive these incentives for relation from Wachovia on your San Jose Short Sale.  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage incentive program is supposed to be more conservative at 25  which is good incentive for home owners whose home will never recover in value.

Contact Us if you have any questions on your Wachovia Short Sale since these are limited time offers from these lenders who are offering Cash for Short Sales.

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