Marketing your Home

Marketing your Home

In our previous post we wrote about the initial consulting  and planning stage to start the process of selling your Silicon Valley home with us.  The post was called Top 5 steps to prepare your home for sale.

1) Devise and Execute Marketing Plan: As part of this step we will develop to find the competing and sold properties in the past 60-90 days.  We will also complete any home improvements and updates including staging and landscaping to create the best 1st impression for your home.

2) Disclosures: At this stage we will develop all the legal and necessary disclosures that are required by the State of California to market your home.  We will prepare packet for online and physical distribution at will-call for buyer’s agents.

3) Active Marketing:  We will post your property on MLS and other portals such as Trulia and Zillow.  As part of the MLS Listing we will also schedule a broker tour to create maximum awareness for your property.   We will also distribute your home’s information and availability to our list of investors and buyers in Silicon Valley and around the world.

4) Open Houses:  We will market your home at Open House during the 1st 2 weeks of the listing period.  Open Houses are essential to get feedback on home’s price and condition from the buyer and their agents in case we have to make future adjustments to our marketing and pricing strategy.

5) Monitor and Report:  At this stage we will monitor the marketing activity and report back to you about the progress we are making.  We will evaluate any potential offers with you and make recommendations based on the activity and interest levels on the property.

After you have accepted an offer, our Escrow and Closing activities kick in which are covered under a separate post.


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