Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

We have develop a long list of investor/buyer interested in Los Gatos home.   Granted that median price for a Los Gatos home is around $1 million dollars, these buyers are experienced enough to know what to do with these homes.

The selection criteria for these home purchases are:

  • Lot Size :  Minimum lot of homes that these buyers are interested are 0.25 acre or larger.
  • Age:  The older the better
  • Zip Codes:  Our buyers will consider homes in Los Gatos Mountains, but the preference are for Los Gatos zip codes including 95032, 95030.
  • School Districts:   Prefer to buy homes in Los Gatos-Saratoga School district, but will consider Los Gatos homes in Campbell-Union school districts as well.
  • Location:  Prefer un-incorporated areas of Los Gatos where they can avoid dealing directly with the Planning Commission of town of Los Gatos.
  • Purchase Terms:   Cash to close in 14 days or sooner.
  • Inspection:  None, these buyer require no inspection on these old properties since they know they will remodel them.
  • Possession:  These buyers are flexible since they are aware that it will take 6-8 month of planning to remodel these homes and are open to allow the seller to rent back the property if they are not ready to move.
  • Commission:  Real Estate commissions are a sore spot for most sellers.  Since you are not listing your home on MLS, you can avoid paying the 2-3% commission that will be required by the listing agents.   That is 20-30,000 of commissions that you can save.
  • Deferred Sales Trust:  We can help you set up a Deferred Sales Trust to avoid getting nailed by Capital Gains Tax if you have more than $500,000 of equity in your home.

Bottom line is that if you have a Los Gatos home that you want to sell, we can not only buy it and close it in 14 days, but we can also help you avoid Capital Gains Tax.

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