For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner (Source; theprovince.com)

Are you interested in saving commission on your Silicon Valley home sale?   Are you internet savvy?   Well, you are not alone.

A March 2014 Survey for Marin County showed 59% of home owners interested in selling their own home.  But what kind of tools and services will you need to avoid failure in your fsbo sale?

One option for home owner interested in selling their own home is fsbo.com. But this website site was showing only 55 homes for sale in the entire state of California which doesn’t imply a thriving business.   One of the reasons could be that fsbo.com owners have no clue about marketing their services to home owners.  This site offers a flat fee MLS listing for $349.95 dollars which is far from typical $80,000 commission that you would pay on a  $1M Silicon Valley home.   This listing service include:

  • MLS & Realtor.com Listing for 6 Months
  • 10 photos on MLS
  • FSBO.com Listing with unlimited photos.
  • Personal ID Number

The site also offers Yard Signs and lockbox for home owners who want these options for a fee.

These are good offerings, but the fact remains that listing your home in MLS doesn’t solve the problem of pricing, Unqualified Buyers, Marketing Challenge, Disclosures that are at the heart of any successful real estate transaction.    

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