AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless

More than 6 months ago, we wrote about our frustration with AT&T Wireless folks who insist on sending paper bills to millions of customers.  They refused to provide an adequate response on why they are not using paperless billing as the default choice of businesses and consumers when they sign up with AT&T Wireless.

Despite reaching all the way to the Investor Relations team, AT&T basically read us the service description that the program is geared to send paper bills for at least 6 months and no one would dare answer why no program manager would dare make a change to paperless billing by default.

This week AT&T Wirelss frustrated us and got us thinking why they can’t take a page from Amazon when it comes to eCommerce and Innovation.   All we wanted to check our eligibility for any promotion that would help us upgrade the team’s Smart Phone.   But no, the website kept hanging and would not return any information.

Mind you this was after we logged into the AT&T Premier Business site and choose the option to upgrade our phones.   Then the site prompts you to enter our zip code and the phone number that to be checked for eligibility.

But that’s where the rob comes in!  The site then goes into a tail spin and never recovers.   We had tried this for more than 4 or 5 times during the span of one week prior to the announcement of iPhone 6.   But last Friday the site finally procured a message that there is problem with our request and advised us to call the 800 number for support which is only open from 8-5 Easter Standard times.

Bottom line was that we had no choice, but to go to the retail store which as you can imagine is swamped with tire-kickers wanting to see the latest iPhone 6.

Yes, AT&T Wireless has to rely on their brick & mortar retail site to rescue their crippled online business which does not stay up long enough to publish an eligibility list.