Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Do you own rental properties in Silicon Valley?   Do you have vacancies that you need to fill?

Well, direct marketing is long dead and ineffective since 99% of the folks who are receiving Direct Marketing flyers and postcards are not interested in these services.  And that’s the power of Inbound Marketing  since your message is only displayed as a results of paid or organic search.

WIth Inbound Marketing you reply on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your Real Estate content as high as possible so when someone is looking for similar services, your content appears in their search results.    For instance, if your content is optimized for long-tailed keywords such as “Property Management Services” then when someone is looking for hep with renting their property, your articles will appear in their search results.

So, why not use the same techniques to market your Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose, and Saratoga properties to tenants? Here how:

Feature Keywords:  Use keywords to describe your properties on your website or Craigslist.  Tenants looking for properties might be using the following keywords:

  • Granite CounterTops, Hardwood Floors, Fireplace
  • Recently remodeled, Recently Painted
  • New appliances, LED lighting
  • Patio, Fenced Yard
  • Good Schools

Twitter, Facebook:   You can post your vacancies on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to create followers and promote your services.   You can also create a Facebook page specific to your rental properties where you can post testimonials, reviews, photos and videos.

Location Keywords:  Your future tenants could be using location keywords to search for their next home.   So, you need to should consider using these keywords in your ad:

  • Restaurants, Shopping, Downtown,
  • Nearby Parks, Lakes, recreational Areas
  • Beaches

Bottom line is inbound marketing offer powerful ways to reach your potential tenants when they are looking for a property.  And inbound marketing offers you to generate greatest exposure for your rental property as possible.

Feel free to Contact Us if you need help finding tenants for your Silicon Valley rentals.


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