Published 4:17 pm, Friday, December 18, 2015

Mortgage agent: Dominique Stevens.

Property Type: Single-family home in Walnut Creek.

Loan Amount: $950,000.

Appraised Value: $1.2 million.

Loan Type: 30-year fixed.

Rate: 4.375 percent with no points.

Backstory: Never underestimate the power of the credit score.

A couple wanted to buy in Walnut Creek but needed to improve their credit rating first. They reached out to Dominique Stevens of Advantage Home Loans on advice from their friends, whom Stevens had helped in similar fashion.

The biggest stain on the couple’s credit history was a Chapter 13 bankruptcy a couple of years back. However, the two remained financially sound during it and made all the right moves in the two years following bankruptcy.

The couple hoped a Jumbo lender could help them secure their next purchase, but their 718 credit score fell well below the threshold of 760.

Stevens turned to the Rapid Rescore Program for help. She helped the couple determine which outstanding balances they must reduce in order to reach the targeted credit score. The couple paid down two credit cards and Stevens presented the revised totals to credit bureaus, who re-evaluated the previous score and improved it to the coveted 760.

Armed with an underwritten approval, the family moved into a new home in 21 days.

Dominique Stevens, Advantage Home Loans,

(415) 250-8908, ds@dominiquestevens.com

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