In this post we we will be exploring a few characteristics of Morgan Hil Foreclosure Trends in May 2013. As you can see in the chart below, Notice of Default filings increased by 9% in May 2013 compared to the same period last year.  Also, Notice of Sales; dropped by 57%.  This means that the market in Morgan Hill is well on it’s way to a recovery despite these increase since the number of properties affected by these Foreclosures is in single digits.  So we anticipate tight inventory for the balance of 2013 in Morgan Hill.   This data is similar to the results of the Foreclosure Data in San Jose.

Foreclosure Filings
Foreclosure Filings: California > Santa Clara > Morgan Hill


Now that we know that volume of Morgan Hill Short Sales, Morgan Hill REOs and Morgan Hill Auctions will in the coming months, let’s find out how competitive the prices are at the Court House for you to acquire rental properties at a discount.  The chart blow clearly indicate that the Opening Bidsfor foreclosure auctions in Morgan Hill increased by a whopping 212% over the same month in 2012!  Also the Winning Bid for Morgan Hill Foreclosure Auctions increased by 212% reflecting the impact of tight inventory and huge demand for homes in Morgan Hill.   Finally, the Foreclosure Data in May reflect a reversal of the trend in the previous months in April 2013.


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