kitchen clutter

kitchen clutter

Leaving a powerful 1st impression when buyers see your property is critical.   Good 1st impressions go a long way to help buyer ignore minor imperfections that they will spot later on during inspection or walk-through.

So, why not use the long Labor Day weekend to clean up the clutter which is huge distraction when your agent is showing the house.  After all, clutter is the enemy of good 1st impressions both in Kitchen and bedrooms. 

So, before you decide to sell your home, have a Realtor walk though the property and give  his/her honest first impression that a potential buyer is going to get from the property.  Even HGTV has figured this out and they are offering Seller Advice on their show to prepare home owners to sell their home.  Some of the action items you can consider to remove the clutter are:

1) Donate:  One of the brilliant outcome of any attempt to remove clutter is the recognition that you no longer need all those items, but someone else might.  So, donate them to your local charities who are need to funds for school and homeless shelters.  Start with one bedroom at a time and then move around the house.   

2) Hold Garage Sales:  Garage Sales are an excellent excuses to get ride of the Household good, supplies and clothing that you have NOT used in the past years!  Your selection criteria could even be harsher than than since if you have NOT needed an item for more than 1 year, there is no need to have it occupy valuable space in your home and create clutter.

3) Trash it:  Most of us develop emotional attachment to items and search high-low to find justification to keep an item instead of throwing them away.  If the kids have moved out the house; there is no reason to still keep their toys which they never played with when they were kids.    At our recent sales, the parents asked their kids to come and take a last run at the items they wanted to keep since the rest was going to Charity or Trash.  

And the last time I checked, the family was still together and they were not torn apart by donating their unwanted items to charity.  

4) Stores it:   This is one of the worst options, but in some cases it can not be avoided.  You will need to store some of items that you will need in you future moves.  For instance, furniture, Persian rugs and antiques.    You might retain a moving company who will remove the “clutter” store it for you and can also deliver it to your new Home once you have sold your house.  This might even make it simper for you to explore other options such as Staging your home for sale.

Contact Us to help us give you some suggestion on make your home show much better. 

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