Moving your household good is painful and part of the stress is coming from the packing!  
BungoBox is a Florida company that offers boxes that are cheaper than your traditional cardboard boxes that everyone uses for their move!   However, the neat part is that they will deliver the boxes to your move and then take them away once you are DONE with your move, all for a lot cheaper than using card board boxes!!

But that’s not all!  These boxes are more robust because of their plastic material.  The best part of this idea is that these boxes are recycled by BungoBox and they don’t end your local cities dump site.

The icing on the cake for us is that if you spend more than $75 with BungoBox, they will pay for shipping!!   We suspect they will not shop your boxes to another state and there should be limitations.  But this must be an ideal for local moves.

And here comes the bad news.  Before you reach for your favorite search engine and order BungoBoxes, you will have to realize that the company does NOT operate in California!  Yes, I know it’s strange that creative ideas could come from places outside of Silicon Valley.    But the company there are places around the country that people have creative idea

So, here’s to the day that we will be able to get BungoBoxes to California.  But tell us if you would use these boxes if they were available.  

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