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The latest option available to home buyers in California is the ability to search fora  dream home using the school district’s name!   It’s a given that if you are fortunate enough to live in a desirable school district in Silicon Valley, your home will fetch a higher value during a sale.    So, buying in a good school district is not only a good investment in your kids education, but it’s also financially sound purchase since homes in good school districts tend to appreciate faster due to constant demand.  

Take Los Gatos-Saratoga school districts for example .  I can never forget that in 1994 we were able to sell our smaller home in the Los Gatos school district for a much higher price than a larger home 2 street away!   They only justification for the higher price of our transaction was that the other home was not in Los Gatos-Saratoga school district.   

Now the school based searched are becoming much more popular.   Services such a Trulia allow users to use the school districts name as one of the criteria to search for hiomes.   The neat part of Trulia’s offering is that buyer can start their search by school district, then add price and other criteria to narrow down their selection.    In case of Trulia, the users are able to search by:

1) School District

2) Property Detail (Type, Number of Beds, Bath, Size, …etc)

3) Listing type

4) Price Reduced (in the past week, 2 weeks….etc)

5) Search by MLS ID

6) Open House (All, Today’s Open House,  Open House this weekend)

Overall we find these search options helpful and quick way to narrow down your home search.  But the challenge of the Search By School district is that you have to know ahead of time, which school districts are the best.  Without prior knowledge of these school districts and their rankings, it would be a guessing game to search for your home using only the school district names.

What do you think about these new options to search for home!?

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