Home inspections are a great option to consider if you are selling your home in a hurry and are looking for a cash buyers.  hat can facilitate the marketing of a property.   However, in California Home buyers have the right to order their own inspections and are advised to do so as part of standard  Purchase Contract.  When you are ordering an inspection, you should expect the following items to be addressed during your inspection of a Residential property: 

Inspection Item Inspection Item Inspection Item
Roof Ceiling Heating
Air Conditioning Windows Attic
Electrical Plumbing Foundation
Water Heater Exterior Grading Substructure
Doors/Walls Framing Kitchen Appliances
Chimney Siding Security System

As you can see from the list above, this is an exhaustive list of items that are being inspected which could ease the anxiety of your potential buyers.   Once the inspection is completed the your agent should include this inspection and the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report as part of the full disclosure package for buyers.   Regardless of the results of the inspections, the inspection reports are material information that have to be shared any buyer’s agent.    We typically maintain an folder of these reports for each of our listing that our office forwards to each buyer’s agent.    We also require a confirmation page to be signed at escrow that they buyers did indeed receive a copy of these inspection and disclosures.

Contact Us if you are not sure if you should order an inspection or not!

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