I just spotted an article on the Top 10 safest places in California and wanted to see if any of our nearby cities of Los Gatos, San Jose, Campbell or Saratoga made the list. The list was compiled by Movoto.com which develop top 10 list in some creative categories, but we wanted to know what criteria was used to determine the safest places to call home in California.

The 10 Safest Places In California By Movoto Real Estate

We were happy to spot at least 3 nearby cities of Hillsborough, Los Altos and Saratoga listed among the safest cities in California to call home.   In fact, Hisslborough made the top of the list.   Saratoga was ranked as no 2 on the top 10 list of Safest cities in California.

Saratogawhich borders San Jose, Los Gatos and extends towards Los Gatos mountains has a charming downtown and great restaurants.  Saratoga shares the same high school district with Los Gatos which did not make the list of safest cities in California .Los Altos is another nearby city with it’s quaint down town shops and restaurants with a wonderful school district.

The main criteria for ranking was the crimes committed per 100,000 people.  The types of crime data used for the ranking included property crimes, murders, and property crimes. For home buyers interested in buying in Los Altos, Saratoga and Hillsborough this is great news but it also means they will be paying more than the list prices which is now the norm due to shortage of avaiable homes on the market.

Check out the website for more details of the ranking and find out if you live near some of these wonderful cities.