Danville, California is a nice bedroom community located in Contra Costa County to the East of San Francisco Bay.  

Official seal of County of Contra Costa

Official seal of County of Contra Costa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foreclosure Activity  in Danvile increased Notice of Default filings 97%% while Note of  Sales were unchanged compared to April 2012.  This means that there should be more Danville REOs, Short Sales and Auction Homes coming in late 2013 and early 2014.  

Now that we know that volume of Danville Short Sales,  Danville REOs and Danville Auction Homes will in the coming month, let’s find out how competitive the prices are at the Court House for you to acquire rental properties at a discount.The chart blow clearly indicate that the Opening Bids declined by 35% indicating potential for some neat catches opportunities specially since the Winning Bids have also declined by %13%. 

So, our conclusions are that if you are looking to generate passive income from Residential Real Estate Danville might be an ideal place to look for REO, Short Sale or Auction Homes for the balance of 2013 and 2014.   But you need to start with rental survey to find out if  your investment will cash flow.

You can start your search for Foreclosure Listing page to locate Short Sale, REO and Auction properties in Danville.   Also, if you already have investment properties in Danville, click below to get a FREE eBook to receive a report on the impact of Foreclosures on your home’s value.

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