Home Improvement

Are you considering a bathroom remodel before selling your Los Gatos home?  Are you looking for ideas on what to do with your old bathrooms?

Like remodeling your kitchen, any updates to your bathrooms will have the highest return on your investment dollars for your Los Gatos home.  But just because you are only remodeling your bathrooms it does not mean that you should abandon all the planning that’s required to finish the project successfully and on time.

Identify the right products with the right finishes that matches the rest of your home is one of the toughest challenges.   The second challenge for most home owners is finding the right contractor since most large home builders won’t be interested in a small bathroom remodel.

The web is full of Huzz.com has huge number of photos of very neat bathroom remodels that you can download.  Examining these photos should give you good visual perspective on what you could accomplish with similar size bathroom and orientation.    The beauty of this site is that some of the photos have descriptions of the project which includes the size of the space.    This should give you a great ideas on what you could accomplish if you had a similar amount of space to develop your ideas for your bathroom remodel.

However, you would be well advised not to fall in love with the look of these bathroom before you had a chance to price the fixtures.   The challenge will be to identify the brands of the fixtures and tile that have been used in these projects.  

For a small bathroom remodel, you would be well advised to budget $300-$1200 for your fixtures.  Depending on the style, functionality and the size, a tub could cost you in the range of $600-5,000.    Tiles and flooring will vary widely on what you are looking to accomplish.

Armed with these numbers and photos you could now begin your search of small bathroom contractors.  One of the services where you could get a quick bid request is Solera Group.

However, before you embark on your remodeling project it might be wise to get a Home Valuation done to find out if you even need to bother with the remodeling project.  There is such a huge shortage of homes for sale that even fixer uppers are getting multiple offers.