In California buyer have the right to inspect a property regardless of the fact that it is being sold “as-is”.   The mere fact that a property is listed “AS-IS” does not mean the buyer has forfeited the right  for home inspection.   In fact, the California’s Purchase contract already includes a 2 page Buyer Advisory on Home Inspection which advises the buyer as to their option to order an inspection before they complete their purchase.   So, the right questions is what are the risks of buying an “as-is” home without an inspection!?  To answer this questions, we need to take a closer look at what a residential  home inspection includes:  

Inspection Item Inspection Item Inspection Item
Roof Windows Heating
Air Conditioning Ceiling Attic
Electrical Plumbing Foundation
Water Heater Exterior Grading Substructure
Doors/Walls Framing Kitchen Appliances
Chimney Siding Security System

As you can see from the list above, this is an exhaustive list of items that are being inspected which could  ease your concern of buying a home with an “as-is” purchase contract.   The implication on the seller part is that they are not wiling to offer any credit for repairs or problems discovered during these inspections.   Regardless of the results of the inspections, as a buyer you will be in a much better position to make informed decisions about your as-is purchase.

In short, we advise our clients to spend the $200-$500 for a residential home inspection to avoid any major surprises for major problems such as Foundation, Plumbing and Electrical that could create hazardous condition for occupying the property.  

Contact Us if you are not sure if you should order an inspection or not!

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