Staging home for sale

Staging home for sale

Staging your Silicon Valley is a difficult decision for most sellers since it’s quite possible that they will have to store their own furniture in favor of the furnishings supplied by the Staging Company.   However since most home buyers have a difficult time imaging how they would best utilize a “space” staging could be the right answer to market to these kinds of buyers.

However, as a seller since you are the one paying for the cost of staging, deciding to stage or not to stage is worth exploring cause the costs could add up if you are not careful.  The 1st criteria most sellers consider is cost of staging.  But it’s not easy to estimate the cost of staging unless you understand the Average Marketing Time for the “KIND” of property you are selling.

For instance, in seller’s market like Silicon Valley, there is no need to stage homes that are priced under $1M since they are selling within days with multiple offers.   However, if you have a vacant home with more than 3,000 sqft of living space and an asking price of above $1.5 Million dollars, then it might be worth considering staging as a way to increase your offer price.

Here are some questions to consider before deciding to Stage:

1)  Will your home be in competition with mostly new or remodeled homes?

2)   Is your home size has more than 2,500 sqft of living space?

3)  Do you have rooms that are vacant or empty?

4)  Can you afford to spend $1,000-3,000 per month on Staging costs?

5) Does the home have any curb appeal?  What will the 1st impression of the New buyers will be when they drive by?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding Yes, then you might want to consult a  Home Staging Company to get estimates on how much it would cost to stage your home during the marketing period.  But it never hurts to start with a on your own Home Value Report before you list since you might not need staging after all.

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