deltaairlinesI was flying back from Atlanta this Friday with Delta Airlines when I got my latest shock and joy of commercial air travel!!

The nasty flight attendant grabbed my computer bag and instructed me forcefully that I am NOT allowed to put more than 1 bag above my seat!  I had no idea this was the rule now.

Suprised and flustered, I decided to comply since with a 6’3″ frame, I was going to feel like a sardine any way and did not want to hold up the plane with an unusual display of public affection.  Then I started thinking that this is a losing battle for ALL passangers as long as Airlines are making tons of money from checked luggage.

According to the latest statistic released last week, Airlines are profitable for the 1st time in more than a decade thanks to large part for their revenues from Checked Bags.  They reported more $3 Billion dollars of additional revenue from checked bags, pillow, and blankets they now sell inside the planes!

So, you see the airline management have now given the Green light to our friendly Flight Attendants that they need to make passenger’s lives MISERABLE; unless we check our bags.  And in turn, these idiots inside the plane will come up with the most moronic excuses towards achieving the financial goals of the airlines.

But is our own Real Estate business immune from similar practices!?

I dare say we are NOT.   When banks are making more money from Foreclosures and Short Sale; what’s their incentive to do workouts or loan modifications to help home owners stay in their home.   If you have sold any REOs in the past 4 years you know what I am talking about.  If a bank had agreed to reduce the principal of the loan to the purchase price of the REO listing; this crisis would have been long over by now!

And the same goes for Health Insurance where companies make more money denying coverage than approving care!

When did things get SO out of whack!?   Who is going to force the airlines back to offering good service!?  Who is going to force the banks to deal with the borrowers in an honest and forthright manner!?  It is more legislation and government over-sight!?

But before you decide your sell your home find out your home value.  In most cases your home is worth more than what you.  Contact Us to find out the value of your home.


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