Bank Owned (REO) Properties

Bank Owned (REO) Properties

Buying a Bank Owned (REO) property is a purchase from an institutional seller and is very different from buying from a private seller.   

For starters you are NOT negotiating with the bank directly and there are 2 entities between you and the bank.  One is the REO Listing Agent.  The 2nd entity is the Asset Management company that has been retained by the bank to liquidate that asset with the help of the REO Listing Agent. 

 Investors want to pay the least amount of money and banks want to Maximum Net.   One of the best strategies we have observed by several cash investors is a clever technique which we will document here since they have happened on the REOs where we were the listing agents for the bank.

Here are the successful method that we have seen work on our own REO Listings:

1) Write a Cash Offer:   Write an AS-IS contract with cash.  You can get help from Hard Money Lenders who can help you cover 70% of the purchase price, specially if you are going to rehab and flip these properties.  

2) Order an Inspection:    Banks have their own standard purchase contract that contains specific language that will discourage the buyer from requesting ANY credit for repair.   

3) Get Repair Bids:  Get at least 2 repair bids from licensed contractors specially if the repairs discovered during your inspections will cost more than $30,000 to fix.  licensed contractors for about $30,000 of repairs.

4) Request Repair Credit:   Despite the fact that you have signed an AS-IS Purchase Contract that forbids you from asking for repair credit, you should now amend your contract with the exact repair dollars that your contractors have submitted.    You will be pleasantly surprised that you will receive 80-100% of the repair credit you request  cause the banks recognize that if you cancel the contract it will add another 45 days of delay to the closing.   money you have requested.  

5) Hire the Right Team:  Work with the Real Estate agents who have represented banks on REO Listing since they have invaluable experience that can help secure properties at great discounts.

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