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English: Yahoo! headquarters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foreclosure Radar which tracks the Foreclosure activity shows that Notice of Default filings in Sunnyvale for April 2013 increased by %35!  This means that the in the coming months there should be additional inventory of Foreclosures coming to Sunnyvale. But as our own experience in marketing  a San Jose Short Sale Listing that with great potential for rental income shows the competition will be fierce.

But why even bother focusing on Foreclosure!?   Well, foreclosure properties as rental investments still offers the greatest opportunity to create passive income for average investors who don’t have are not backed by hedge funds or a rich uncle.  However, understanding the Foreclosures trends in your target market should be a critical component of your strategy to win in your target market.

Sunnyvale, California is an ideal Silicon Valley community with Yahoo Headquarters and a wonderful Public School system.  Sunnyvale borders, Cupertino, San Jose, Mountain View and enjoys a wonderful reputation for being one the Green Cities in US.   The neat part of  investing in Campbell is that you will enjoy the benefits of investing in Silicon Valley without paying the high cost of such investments if you purchase Short Sales, REOs or Auction properties in nearby cities.  

Now that we know that volume of Short Sales, REOs and Auctions will increase in Sunnyvale in the coming month, let’s find out how competitive the prices are at the Court House for you to acquire rental properties at a discount. The chart blow clearly indicate that the Opening & Winning Bids (price that banks want to start their bid with) for foreclosure auctions in Sunnyvale have jumped 46.74% over the same month in 2012.   This means that if this trend is to continue, you will need to budget 46% more cash for your Foreclosure Auction purchases at Sunnyvale, California.   

Bottom line is that you need to study your target market to avoid over-paying 1st for at Foreclosure properties.  You can start your search for Foreclosure Listing page to locate Short Sale, REO and Auction properties in Sunnyvale and you will need to develop a strategy to secure a specific property. 

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