Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

In contrast with Outbound Marketing, the strength of  Inbound Marketing is that your customers are the one’s who find out!  They are the one’s who initiate the search.   And if you are smart enough to generate Organic Search Engine Traffic to your site; then the world is your oyster.

The neat part of inbound marketing is that you can figure out if an investment is viable since you can identify the search volume for a particular company’s products and services before sinking your money into their stock.  In fact, you should indeed use Inbound Marketing to make wise investments.

For example, there are tons Startups such as Vetrazzo who manufacture Green Building Materials using Recycled Content.   But just because they are manufacturing it, it does NOT mean the consumers are interested in buying it.

For Inbound marketing, your customers use Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for a service or a product.   And if you have done enough Search Engine Optimization on your website, you would appear on the 1st page of the Search Results.

However, to generate traffic to your site and for GoogleBot to to crawl the site as often as possible, you will need to develop fresh content and publish it at frequent intervals for a period of several weeks.   And with WordPress as the blogging platform and SEO Plugins you have all the tools you at your disposal to develop less.  All you need is the zeal and the commitment to generate fresh and good content to attract readers.

In short, I wish we had the benefits of Inbound Marketing when we purchase the shares of Vetrazzo which is now lining the inside of our Cat’s litter box!  But now you can read about generating Inbound Marketing leads in our other blog using WordPress and Blogging.  Also, feel free to share with us about your success.

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