AMC Property Management

AMC Property Management

AMC Propert Management manages properties in Southern, Central  and Northern California.  And their website reports that their renal income in Northern California grew by 6.29% which is a great return.    The data for 2012 also indicates that their Net Operating Income for Northern California jumped by 9.8%.  This makes Northern California the best performing market for AMC Property Management in contrast to Central and Southern California where their net operating income grew 1.08% and 3.19% respectively.

This should be a nice clue for any investor interested in acquiring rental property assets that Northern California offers the biggest potential increase in income for rental properties.  And this data also confirms the huge shortage of rental properties in Northern California that we have noticed during the past 2 years.

From the data on AMC Property Management’s website it’s not quite clear what makes the company rather unique with the exception of their reach.   This makes them ideal for large institutional buyers who are buying assets in multiple states, but leaves out small investors who are looking to pick up a few buildings in say Northern California.  And precisely because of this huge foot print, we believe AMC Property Management can not be experts at every market.

The advantage of our property management services is that we are intimately involved with the the selection and search of properties in Northern California that our clients are interested in acquiring.  tenant screening process and we do not farm it out to 3rd party companies.   Our property managers meet each applicants on site and make sure there are no surprises and tenants receive a through inspection of the property.

Prior to occupancy we do complete a walk-through with the tenants to test each plug and switch and go over the emergency contact information.  We also perform routine inspection of our homes in our market to make sure the tenants expectations are met and that we can rely on their long term occupancy by building a solid understanding between our client’s demands and their expectations.

AMC Property Management data for 2012 and 2013 indicates that Northern California will remain an ideal location for investment properties.   So, contact Us if you are looking to locate and manage rental properties in Northern California.