Avoid IRS Capital Gains

Avoid IRS Capital Gains

Using a Trust to for managing Real Estate Assets is not new, but with the 2013 increase of Capital Gains tax they are becoming beloved tools of Financial Planners to help their clients avoid hefty Capital Gains Tax. In this post we wanted to high light the benefits of holing your Real Estate Homes or Buildings in a Trust which includes:

Complete Control:  As the designated Trustee of the Trust, you remain in complete control of the Assets that you add to the trust.   You can make decision on when to sell the Real Estate assets in the trust.

Income:   You can receive income from the trust.  You can even pass the income to your designated heirs.  You can also use the income from the trust for your retirement planning.

Loans:  You can borrow money from your trust.

Tax Exemption:  Since your trust is exempt from income taxes, the sale of the assets that are held in the trust are not treated as a taxable event.   So, you can defer the Capital Gains Tax

Asset Protection:  Assets held in the trust are protected from creditors or in case you are targeted by law suit.

If you are considering a sale of your property you owe it to yourself and your heirs to explore your options to sell your home in a trust to avoid Capital Gains Tax.

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