Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Are you getting tired of dealing with tenants in your Silicon Valley rentals?  Do you dread the monthly rent collection hassles?  Do you hate doing repair and maintenance on your rentals?

Well, may be we should talk since we offer these and more to our clients in Silicon Valley.  Property management services from Homestretch Properties will offer you an option spend your time enjoying the fruits of your wise investment without the tedious task of managing tenants.

Below are the top 6 property management services that we offer to our clients with homes in Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose and Saratoga.   These services include:

1) Rent Collection:  This might sound like a simple task of collecting the check, but some tenants are notorious to avoid making the payment till the last minute. We are now using Cloud based online rent collection services for some of our properties.

2) Tenant Screening: We use a cloud based service to conduct tenant screening which does not create any privacy risks for you.  applicants who do not qualify to rent your home are entitled to get their application back from you to protect their privacy.

3) Eviction Services:  This is the last resort if you have an un-cooperative tenant who is not making payments or causing trouble.

4) Routine inspections:  During a recent inspection of one of our Los Gatos properties, we discovered that the tenants were keeping chickens which we the source of noise and destruction of neighoring yards. Needless to say we noticed these tenants that they are in clear violation of their lease terms and offer them 60 days to correct the violation.  How often you inspect your properties?

5) Low Cost Maintenance:  This is a big advantage of using a property management company since you don’t have to worry about maintenance calls specially if you live far from your rental property.

6) Emergency Repairs:  What will you do if your tenants call with emergency repair while you are traveling abroad?  We are accessible to our client’s tenants on a 24 hours basis for emergency repair calls. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about these services.