Property Management Agreemnent

Property Management Agreement (image: c-rem.com)

Do you have Silicon Valley rentals?  Are you getting tired of managing these rental son your own?  Do you hate doing repair and maintenance on your rentals?

Well, perhaps you should chose a property management company than can relieve you of these chores.  Property management services from Homestretch Properties will offer you an option spend your time enjoying the fruits of your wise investment without the tedious task of managing tenants.

Below are the top 6 property management services that we offer to our clients with homes in Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose and Saratoga.   These services include:

1) Tenant Screening:  Ask the property management company about their tenant screening service.   At Homestretch Properties we rely on a Cloud based service to conduct tenant screening which does not create any privacy risks for owners.  The risk exposure for confidential information is by passed since the applicants enter the data into a 3rd party system and we are not the recipients of such information.

2) Rent Collection:  One of our Los Gatos tenants makes it a marathon to collect the monthly rent since some tenants play politics with the rent payments.  So, we are not using a online payment collections using a Cloud based system that automates rent collection.

3) Eviction Services:  This is the last resort if you have an un-cooperative tenant who is not making payments or causing trouble.  But ask your property management company about their eviction history.

4) Routine Inspections:  Insisit on routine inspections from the property managment company you choose.  In a recent inspection of one of our Los Gatos properties, we discovered that the tenants had chickens running wild in the neighborhood.  But without routine inspection, we would have never discovered the viloation and the damage to the property.

5) Low Cost Maintenance:  This is a big advantage of using a property management company since you don’t have to worry about maintenance calls specially if you live far from your rental property.

6) Emergency Repairs:  What will you do if your tenants call with emergency repair while you are traveling abroad?  We are accessible to our client’s tenants on a 24 hours basis for emergency repair calls.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about these services.