Tenant Search

Tenant Search

Shopping for product and service has changed dramatically over the past decade.  Our buying habits have been transformed with access to information on the web which allows us to find reviews, photos, videos and testimonials.  We often use “Keyword” searches to find product and serices.

So, if you are marketing your Silicon Valley rental properties you must use similar Inbound Marketing Techniques to appear in the search results if tenants are looking for a rental matching your property.   We are often surprised how people market their rental property and only include an external photo!  That’s simply absurd.

Below are Top 3 tips on marketing your rental property online specially:

1) Use Social Media:   You can easily create a Facebook Page for your rental property and add photos.   You can ask your current tenants to add comments about their stay in your rental property and why they are considering moving.

2) Location Keywords:  Your future tenants could be using location keywords to search for their next home.   So, you need to should consider using these keywords in your ad:

  • Nearby Parks, Lakes, recreational Areas
  • Shopping
  • Downtown
  • restaurants
  • Beaches
  • Schools

3) Feature Keywords:  Use keywords to describe your properties.  Tenants looking for properties might be using these keywords:

  • Granite CounterTops
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Remodeled, Recently remodeled
  • New paint, Recently Painted
  • New appliances
  • Patio
  • Fenced Yard
  • Fireplace
  • View
  • Bright
  • LED lighting
  • Good Schools

Bottom line is that internet has altered how we search for service and as a landlord you need to adapt your marketing techniques to create as much exposure for your rental property as possible.

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