Property Management Silicon Valley

Property Management Silicon Valley

Do you have rental properties in Silicon Valley?  Are you managing them yourself?  Well, you might be taking some unnecessary risks with tenant screening and identity theft of your applicant to say the least.   Here are the top 5 Silicon Valley property management services we offer to our clients:

Rent Collection:  Rent collection could become a serious headache specially if you are living out of Silicon Valley area.   In fact, some tenants are notorious with last-minute payments where the funds won’t be cleared for you to make on-time mortgage payments.   With these kind of clients, we are using online rent collection where rent is drawn directly from their bank account on a pre-determined date.

Tenant Screening: With privacy concerns and identify theft, tenant screening has become much more complicated.  With an average of 13 applicants for each rental property, you will need to provide privacy policy and make sure the applicants you do not select are comfortable with the information they have supplied to you.  With 3rd party screening, you will be protected against claims of identity theft since you will never be in possession of your applicant’s social security information.

Maintenance Services:   Any property management company you hire needs to maintain an active and licensed contractors to be on call for emergency repairs on your Silicon Valley rentals.  This is a great asset since most homeowners do not have access to reliable contractors.

Eviction Services: Some tenants will violate their lease terms which will require you to notify them in writing.   These violation notices must follow a specific format and offer the tenant enough opportunity to remedy the violation.  For instance, if your tenant has caused damage to the property, you have to provide them enough time to hire a contractor to make repairs.   You can also document the remedy you will seek in case the tenant is not compliant with the lease terms.  One such remedy is eviction.  Eviction is part of the territory when you own rental properties in Silicon Valley specially if you take tenant screening seriously.

Finally, you will need to follow the eviction protocol with proper notification to avoid messy damage to the property after the eviction.

 Maintenance Calls:  One of the big advantage of using a property management services is that it eliminates the burden of dealing with repair calls.  We offer a call service where the repair request calls are transcribed and texted to our support line.

Monthly Reports: We offer monthly reports on the status of the property which includes recommendations on budget and deferred maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

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