California Meth Lab

California Meth Lab

If you suspect your Silicon Valley tenants are producing meth or designer drugs in your rental home; then you 1st need to fire your property manager.   After that you need to worry about confirming your suspicions that your tenants are indeed producing meth in your rental property. To develop a meth lab requires  a lot of toxic and dangerous.  Certain ingredients are necessary to make meth. So, you might want to schedule visits to the property on a monthly basis and look for:

  1. Containers of anti-freeze, white gas, ether, or starting fluids.
  2. Cold, diet, or allergy pill boxes.  Any over the counter ephedrine or pseudoephedrine that can be used in developing Meth.
  3. Sheets or filters that are stained red or have a white, powdery residue.
  4. Watch for containers of drain openers, freon, paint thinner, acetone, or alcohol.
  5. Coolers containing Ammonia or propane tanks, anhydrous ammonia.
  6. Camp stove fuel containers or other compressed gas cylinder.
  7. Jars or bottles with rubber tubing attached.

The chemistry lesson for spotting a meth lab is that to produce one pound of methamphetamine, six pounds of hazardous, toxic waste is produced.  Besides ending up in the walls, floors, HVAC system, carpet and other places, some of the waste is often dumped on the ground, so also look outside for dead grass or plants, and stained soil. As you can see monitoring your rental property now becomes an interesting challenge specially if you are living out of State.

Perhaps hiring a property management company is better than losing the property as part of a criminal and civit court case that your neighbor could file.  Contact Us if you have any questions about managing your Silicon Valley rentals properties.  We manage rental properties in San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos and Saratoga.