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Every business could use more qualified leads and would it be great if the folks who contacted you were already “looking” for your products and services!?   Well, that in a nut-shell is Inbound Marketing!   So, if you have been using  Outbound Marketing with Direct Mail, Letters, Post Cards, Flyer and Emails to a huge distribution list hoping and praying that someone would respond, you have come to the right place since with Inbound Marketing your company and website is found as a results  of a direct search that brings these potential clients to your site who were already looking for your Products and Services.  In this post we will explore the Top 5 reason we now use Inbound Marketing:

1) More Qualified Leads:  Inbound marketing leads to more qualified prospects since the clients find out based on their search for our products and services.   Contrast that to Outbound Marketing where the copy promoting our services, with Inbound Marketing are needed by the prospect, increasing the probability of positive results if the prospects find compelling information when they contact us.

2) Less Expensive:   Leads that are generated from Inbound marketing are less expensive.  According to Hubspot, leads generated by Inbound Marketing are 61% less expensive.

3) More Intimacy:   With Inbound Marketing you have access to amazing analytic about where your leads are coming from.  You know which blog posts are attracting more unique visitors and will have a much better chance of offering products and services that are in demand.  In Outbound Marketing know NOTHING about our distribution lists interest in our products and service.  So, this information is significantly important to the success of our Lead Generation.

4) No Special Software Required:  To generate leads using Inbound Marketing you will  need to develop enough relevant content and publish it online for search engines to pick up your content.  Naturally we recommend WordPress as the blogging platform since the amount of Plugins, and Tools to help develop content is priceless.  All you need is the zeal and the commitment to generate fresh and good content to attract readers.

5) Powerful Analytics:  Using Google Analytics you will be able to find out where your traffic is coming from and what they are looking for!   Can you imagine running a restaurant and knowing ahead of time what menus items would be the most desirable!?   Well, with Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics create this kind of visibility to what your potential clients are searching for.

You can read about generating Inbound Marketing leads in our other blog using WordPress and Blogging.  Also, feel free to share with us about your success.

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