Tenanat Disputes

tenant Disputes

Do you have rental properties in Los Gatos?  Do you like you good tenants that you want to keep for long term?  Well you are not alone.   Most of our client landlords wish for responsbile tenants who never call for repairs and cause any problems for the neighbors.   But what is your role to keep your tenants happy.

Be fair:   Negotiation is a 2 way street.  You have to be able to see your tenants prespective if they are asking for repairs or consessions during your negotiaitons.  For example, in one of our Los Gatos rentals contract, we were paying for the water.  But with the Water rationing and shortage, we have decided to remove the water bill from the rent to encourage more responsible water usage.

But this will add at least $30 dollar to our tenants bill every month.  So, what we have proposed is to reduce the annual increase to accomidate for the fact that this tenant will now be responsbile for the water bill.

Be responsive:   When you tenants are calling for repairs, be responsive to least acknowledge the repair request even if it might take you a while to remedy the problem.  Encourage your tenants to call you with any information on hazards that could cause them or your neighbors harm.

Be a communicator:    Clearly communicate the terms of your lease agreement to your tenants.  If there are violations of these terms, you need to notify your tenants in writing and offer an opportunity to remedy the violation.

Be a Handy Man:  You should find way to invest in your rental properties with small kitchen and bathroom remodels.  Remodeled kitchen and bathrooms play a significant role in your tenants decision to continue renting your Los Gatos rental.

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