Winterize Home (Source NY TImes)

Winterize Home (Source NY TImes)

It’s that time of the year again where some proactive planning could save you huge amount of money and damage.  Yes, it’s time to winterize your Silicon Valley rentals.  Some of the most obvious one’s include:

Adding Insulation:  Attic insulation goes a long way to reduce your heating cost on your Silicon Valley rentals.   Ironically having a well insulated attic will reduce your cost of Summer cooling as well.

Clean Gutters:  Clean the gutters to prevent any roof leaks.  If the gutters are not cleaned, they would not drain the water properly.  The gutters then could collapse and crash causing more additional damage to the property.

Chimney Inspection:  Properly maintained chimney could prevent house fires in your Silicon Valley rentals.  Make certain that your chimney is equipped with a spark arrester to prevent sparks from starting fires.

Inspect Carbon Monixide detectors:  California Law requires that each bedroom should be equipped with a Carbon Monixide detectors.  You could face serious liability if your Silicon Valley rentals are not equipped with these detectors.

Space Heater Inspection:   Your Silicon Valley tenants could be using space heaters which are prone to tip and cause fire.   Space heaters also cause electrical shorts which can also cause fires.   You should also update your Residential Lease Agreement  to prevent the use of such heaters.

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