Are you living through a massive remodel?   Did you think it was going to be quick? When I spotted this video of New Yorkers in Hudson Yard suffering through the construction mess, I thought about the remodeling chaos that we went through in our Los Gatos fixer uppers.

Just like everyone else we under estimated the length of time it was going to take us to finish our Los Gatos remodel.   remodel your home.  But  our biggest frustration came with contractors who promised to show up and were not on site 3 days later.  And when they showed up they have no justifiable excuse for not showing up.

In fact, our hardwood floor contractor trapped us inside our bedroom for 3 days and without access to the kitchen.   They accomplished this by sanding and polishing the floor and told us that they will be back to do a last coat the next day.   Their need was that prior to the 2nd coat, we should not walk on the floor.

And that was the catch since we could not reach the kitchen and for 3 days our home was reduced to a master bedroom that we used while eating every meal in restaurants.

Other hazards of living through a remodel is the challenges to your health.  My husband got an eye infection from the dust particles while he was living inside his Willow Glen remodel in San Jose.