Property Inspections

Property Inspections

How often do you inspect your San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell or Saratoga rentals?  Do you schedule routine inspections for your Silicon Valley rentals?  How will you identify deferred maintenance items if you don’t inspect your rentals?  Well, what we inspect for our client’s rentals as part of your property management regiments.

1) Termite & Pest Damage:  Termites love California homes since it provides the best source of food for them.  Termites can cause serious damage to floor joists and foundation pillars that should be inspected every 2 year. As a landlord your should take advantage of free termite inspections offered by local and national companies.    In fact, some of our landlords have purchased plans from national companies that offer routine inspections on pest and termite.

2) Mold Damage:  If you have moisture trapped areas in your rental properties that causes contact between wooden structures and water, then you should expect mold to develop.  Mold has to be removed professionally by EPA certified contractors which could be costly.  But if you discover mold early, the removal could be quick and easy.

3) Roof and Gutters:  It’s wise to inspect your root and gutters after each winter since debris from nearby trees could have clogged your gutters that could cause damage to the roof.

4) Kitchen & Bath:   You might be surprised to find a leaky sink or faucet that could damage your cabinets.  Annual inspection of your kitchen and bathrooms is a good idea to monitor for leaks and drips in case you are wasting water.

5) Compliance:  If your tenants have agreed to one pet but are keeping livestock, a physical inspection is the only way you will find out their compliance.

Bottom line, is that you could be saving yourself a lot of problems with routine inspections of your Silicon Valley rentals.



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Needless to say that if it was not for routine inspection the lease violation would have gone on unnoticed and the damage to the property would have continued.